He Gets on a Van Burning Up and Drives and Moves it

27th, 2013
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buA fire broke out on a removal van carrying clothes and electronic devices. As soon as 45 year old driver Mehmet Memli saw that the flames were coming toward the driver’s seat because of the wind, he got on the parked van, moved and drove it and challenged the flames. The fire started at the 20th km of ZorlarBridge between Fethiye and Antalya Highway at about 02.00 p.m. The van with the license plate number 48 F 9335 driven by Mehmet Memli and moving from Fethiye to Kemer caught fire suddenly. When Mehmet Memli noticed the flames coming from the truck box full of socks, air conditionings and ceramics, he parked the vehicle at the roadside and asked for help. Vehicle drivers passing by the road came to help Memli. However, the fire extinguisher tubes fell short so the fire spread.


To the surprise of citizens, Mehmet Memli got on the van again as soon as he saw the flames coming to the driver’s seat due to the wind. Memli moved the van and turned it to the opposite direction of the road. The crazy driver lingered inside the van for a long time without paying any attention to the screams of the people around the vehicle and was taken from the van that he parked in the middle of the road with difficulty. Fethiye, Kemer and Karaçulha Municipality Fire Departments responded to the burning van. The fire which caused the truck box to turn into a scrap was taken under control and the traffic carried on one-way for 30 minutes between Fethiye and Antalya Highway.

Teams from Kemer Gendarmerie Police Station Command started an investigation while the driver Mehmet Memli was taken to the police station to give his statement.

Ramazan Bayırlı explained they tried to extinguish the fire carrying water with buckets but it was not enough. Bayırlı said the fire department responded to the flames, yet, the van turned into ashes.


On the other hand, drivers who were passing by the road at that moment recorded the crazy driver getting on and moving the burning van by cellphones. At the shots, the driver is seen in a great panic while the van is burning and suddenly he gets on the van and drives the vehicle. Then, Mehmet Nemli turns the van to the direction of the wind and is taken out of the van in difficulty after the warnings of citizens. FG)

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