He Persuades Her with Beating

28th, 2013
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A drunk couple started fighting after leaving the bar in Fethiye. The young woman was beaten up by the man who was assumed to be her boyfriend and her miserable situation crying and throwing herself through the street astonished everyone. The incident happened at around 02.30 a.m. in Hisarönü District of Ölüdeniz yesterday. Allegedly, the couple had fun until the late hours of the night at a bar and started fighting because of jealousy. The couple started arguing under the influence of the alcohol and taken out of the bar by security members. The discussion carrying on just outside the bar turned into a fight quickly. The man got angry when the young woman didn’t accept to go home and used violence against her. The woman hardly got up as he fell to the ground with the impact on her face and there was a commotion in front of the bar. The miserable condition of the woman who cried and threw herself to the ground astonished everyone seeing her. Lying on the ground for a while, she was convinced to go home and the fight between the couple carried on. The couple was still wavering and quarrelling on the road to their home. (FG)

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