How to get that shiny mane you’ve always wanted

20th, 2011
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Stress, illnesses, childbirth and certain medication can all take a temporary toll on your hair, causing it to thin and fall out.
Muscular tension due to stress can affect our scalps and result in our hair follicles not feeding adequately off of our blood circulation. And our hair roots left without adequate blood will begin to shed early.
Here are a few quick herbal solutions to prevent hair loss and dandruff. After selecting the most suitable solution for yourself, is possible shampoo your hair on that morning and mix the oil mixture shared here with a bowl’s worth of water and lather your with it. This mixture, which you apply to your hair every other day, should be applied twice a week after you notice improvement in your hair.
Before you experience hair loss: The state of hair is generally tied to your lifestyle. In order to prevent this unpleasant problem and prevent your hair loss problem taking a turn for the worse, eat foods that are rich in protein, zinc, vitamins B, C and E. Also steer clear of diets that lead to rapid weight loss.
For itchy and reddish scalp problems: Add two drops of lavender oil and geranium flower oil each, as well as one drop of sandalwood oil into tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil. Massage your hair with this mixture.
For greasy or flaky scalp problems: Massage your scalp with a mixture of three drops of cedar oil, two drops of rosemary oil and two drops of lemon oil with fix tablespoons of scent free body lotion.
For shiny hair: About two hours before shampooing your hair, massage two teaspoons of castor oil on to your scalp. Such a massage will both add shine to your hair in addition to fixing your split ends.
To do away with dandruff: Add four tablespoons dried thyme to two cups of water and bring to boil, then allow to cool. Apply this mixture to a clean and damp scalp.
Natural protein rich hair conditioner: Beat an egg into a cup of warm water. Shampoo your hair and dry. Then massage your hair with this mixture; wait for five minutes and then rinse. Your hair which appears matte and lifeless will become shiny immediately.

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