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8th, 2013
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Nevada Boutique Hotel Spa Center Welcomes You

You want to relieve the stress and feel fresh after a long and exhausting day…With the methods not boring and pressuring you… You are lucky because there are so many SPA methods to make you relax both spiritually and physically today. If you would like to benefit from these techniques as healthily as possible and leave yourself to experts, Nevada Boutique Hotel welcomes you.
After all those heaped files, never-ending meetings, projects which must be finished quickly, you have left a very tiring day behind. You want to relax and regain your strength. “With mysterious smells of plants and candles if possible,” bath joy that makes you feel warm inside and has the pure smell of olive oil would also be nice. You are so right and so lucky as well because, the number of SPA centers that make you relax both spiritually and physically have been increasing day by day. Many relaxing options are at your service such as massage, sauna, thalassotherapy and stream bath at these centers. And yet, it is inevitable for a person to leave himself to the magical hands and skills of experts. All these methods, including sauna and massage, have vital functions for our health both spiritually and physically. Of course, on only on the condition that they are applied consciously! Do you know what you should do for benefitting from these natural methods as best as you can without risking your health? For example, how many minutes should you say in sauna? How frequently should you use a bath glove? The answers for all these questions are answered by specialist physiotherapist Ms. Buket who has taken education of all these subjects for years…

Ms Buket tells us a little about herself first and then gives us information on massage and bath.
“I have graduated from the association of masseurs with 3rd grade in 1992 and I have regularly taken private education. I went to Thailand. I both worked and got Thai massage education there. Later, I got lymph drainage education from a German physiotherapist. Lymph drainage is a massage applied on the nerve system of the body; you get rid of the edema in body, get cellulites treatment and clear your circulating system up. It is a different massage technique. Other than that, an instructor from the Far East gave me shiatsu education in Istanbul. I have taken meditation training almost a year and also learnt the Far East massage technique. It is a massage technique that is applied to the meridian system of the body. It is a point massage. You also apply it to the meridian system of the body and painful areas. You clear your circulating system up applying it on the area where there is a problem, it might be on the spine or you might have a varsity problem so you apply this on that system making the necessary pressures. We have aromatic massages. These are massages applied with aromatic oils. You both get migraine treatment and are applied special oils on your bloodstream; all of these special oils have different effects. You apply these oils on the problematic areas. Lavender oil is used for depression or you may drink its tea. It is antidepressant oil.
All the body massages are applied not more than an hour. If it is localized massage, half an hour will be enough. There is also a foot massage called reflexology. It is a point massage applied on the sole. The foot has acupressure points and there are points of all the internal organs on the foot. The same points are also in hands. For instance, you have a kidney problem. Some specific pressures are applied on the kidney point for treatment. These points on foot and in hands represent the internal organs. Two feet are finished in half an hour. If we want to apply it in the hands as well, it takes an hour. We have classic massages which clear the circulating system of your blood. It clears all the dead skin and dirt in the body in the bath and sauna. We have a system called pling in Turkish bath. You apply Pling creams, apply massage for a definite time and the dirt is cleaned in the body. You do this with bath glove in our bath. The dead skin is cleaned and the stomas are opened. It accelerates the blood stream. Turkish bath is really a very good treatment method. After the bath, a good massage will be very good for you. Doctors advise it now. The nerve system of the body relieves and muscles relax.
Our prices are very reasonable. Our clients coming to the bath may use the sauna and steam room for free. We are going to have a Jacuzzi a month later as well. The price of bath glove foam and foam massage is 30 TL. Our massage prices for half an hour is 30 TL, massage for the entire body is 60 TL, massage for the entire body applied with aromatic oils is 70TL. We are also beginning the cellulites treatment, algae treatment, clay mask, clay treatments applied on the body.”

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