Illegal Structures Started To Be Demolished

16th, 2012
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The structures that violate the coastal line in Fethiye are being demolished with the decision of destruction by Muğla Province Private Administration. It was announced that they will keep demolishing all the structures that violate the coastline and the conservation areas. At Yanıklar village of Fethiye, the Administration decided to pull 6 bungalovs and 2 houses down. Under the security measures taken by Gendarmerie, the demolition tean arrived at the scene. Owners of the buildings talked to the teram and asked for extra time to pull their own buildings down. Therefore, the demolition time was extended for a week. Deputy Secretary General of the Special Administration Veli Çelik said “We notified our citizens by notice of the decision to the order of destruction. Some of them quit their houses in this context. Some committed that they will demolish their own homes. Our duty is to pull the illegal structures down which cause construction pollution. The buildings on the list of demolition are the ones which are not eligible for building certificates. All off them will be demolished by April 9. If there are any left, we have to do it ourselves.”

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