Investıgatıon started ın ölüdeniz on claıms of pollutıon

15th, 2011
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Upon the claims in press regarding the pollution at Belceğiz Beach in Ölüdeniz, an investigation was started by Erdoğan Bayraktar Minister of Environment and Urban Planning. An investigation commitee went to Belceğiz Beach in the early hours of the morning to collect samples.
Authorities from EPASA collected some samples in the context of investigation by Muğla Governorship in regards with the pollution at Belceğiz Beach in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye.Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin said that they had already started an investigation. “Our ministry has already started an investigation. In coordination with our governorship, EPASA collected samples from sea water. It is claimed that the sea water is polluted by accumulation of waste oil. Samples from Ölüdeniz will be analyzed in the laboratory. We are investigating all aspects of this issue. According to preliminary conclusion achieved, we will take the necessary measures.”
EPASA Muğla Directorate of Special Environmental Protection Branch Manager Bekir Erdoğan who came to Ölüdeniz to get samples made a declaration. He said that they collected water samples from Öludeniz at regular intervals and the water quality was not a problem. “As you all know, some media news reprted that Ölüdeniz suffered from pollunation. In order to find out the truth, we moved to Ölüdeniz to collect samples. These samples will be analyzed both in Fethiye Health Group Presidency laboratory and in central laboratories of our Ministry.
We measure water quality on this is the beach on a regular basis every month since 2007. Based on the results we have obtained Belceğiz beach is honored with the blue flag, however, from time to time cases of this kind of pollution happen. Last year was such a case, an instant event. This is an open sea and sometimes dirt can come to shore by prevailing winds. The Ministry will also make chemical analysis of samples sent to laboratory, and threats will be identified if any. In case of a pollution, the Governor will take the required measures. Since 2007, we take samples every month, and Health Group Presidency takes a sample every 15 days here. There was no evidence in the investigation that will affect the health of people.”
Tourists sunbathing on the beach or wsimming said the water was clean.

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