It Took A Week To Reach To Erendağ Which Was Gutted By Fire

6th, 2012
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People extinguished the fire in the building by throwing snow which firemen could not reach due to snow.

The traces of the fire at one of the most beautiful ski centers of Aegean and Mediterranean, Erendağ Ski Center in Seki, Fethiye was revealed a week after the fire.  Firemen could not reach the ste as the road was closed by snow, and the fire was extinguished by the workers who threw snow over the flames.

The fire at the ski center had started at midnight due to a failure at electric contact, and the roof and most of the building was burnt down completely. Restaurant was the only surviving part.

A week after the fire, the road was re opened and authorities rushed in to investigate the cause. The fire was recorded by the cameras second by second.

Mustafa Hızarcı who operates the ski center stated that the fire was started due to failure at electric contact around midnight. “We immediately called fire department but they could not arrive because the road was closed due to heavy snow. We tried to extinguish the fire ourselves and we threw snow over the flames. The cost of the fire is about 400 thousand TL. Nothing could be saved. The investigaton proved that the cause of the fire was bad electrical conditions. Now, only our restaurant is open. No accomodation at all. We expect the needs at the facility are fulfilled as soon as possible. It is sad that nobody came here. We called every one, but no one was interested, including fire department.”

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