Italian Musician Searches for Yoruk Instruments

14th, 2015
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Italian musician, writer and researcher Ettero Castagna (55) searched for Yoruk music in Fethiye. Vedat Karakaya (52), the master of Yoruk kamancheh, gave Castagna information about Yoruk music and instruments. Karakaya played Turkish and Italian music with improvisation in touristic sites.

Ettero Castagna, Italian writer who has written books on ethnic and world music, lives in Milan and works as a music teacher at public schools in Italy, came to Fethiye to search for Yoruk music. Vedat Karakaya, master kamancheh player, welcomed Castagna whom he met on social media. Karakaya gave Castagna information about Yoruk music instruments, gave examples from world music and improvised Yoruk and Italian music in touristic sites as well.



Ettore Castagna bought Turkish saz and pipe in Fethiye. He said he would use these instruments in Italy. Ettora Castagna explained that he watched the performances of Vedat Karakaya on the internet and then he wanted to come to Fethiye. Castagna has been searching for instruments of ethnic and world music for 20 years. Castagna said Turkish and Italian music is very different: “Italian music is based on classical music and dates back to ancient times. Turkish music is more modern. We have found similar things about kamancheh and had good performances. I have bought saz and pipe from Turkey as well. Different musical instruments mean different tastes for me.”



Vedat Karakaya, Yoruk kamancheh master, said he was interested in music since he was 15 and his instrument with two strings was made of horsetail, string and juniper. He had not played kamancheh for a long time because electronic music was more popular, he said. Karakaya explained he started searching for kamancheh on the internet and met Castagna this way: “While I was looking for the other kamancheh types on social media, I met my Italian musician friend. He liked my records on the internet. He asked me whether these instruments were produced in Turkey and decided to come to Fethiye.” Karakaya concluded they had been playing music in different areas of Fethiye for 5 days together, the tunes and melodies sounded familiar anyway.


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