Jeered takes the place of wrestling

7th, 2012
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The festival attracted great interest. The festival cortege that started in front of Seki Municipality with the marches of the Janissary Band was enlivened with delbekçis(the women who play a regional traditional small drum played with bare hands). In the festival which took place in ŞenlikdereSeki, the first jeered team of Turkey coloured up the atmosphere instead of wrestling. Instead of wrestling organization that cannot be held due to financial problems, Seki Culture and Art Festival took place. The festival was pioneered by Seki Municipality, organized by cooperation and Culture Club of Seki and its Neighbourhood. In the festival, as well as the chats with the regional writers and actors, some singers were on the stage. In the festival the motocross riders made a show and the jeered players attracted interest. The jeered team which is expected to come from Uşak were late as they misunderstood the place of the festival. They thought the festival was going to be done in Söke instead of Seki. The citizens reminded the famous saying of Süleyman Demirel, one of the old presidents of Turkey, “We are going to enter from Söke and exit from Seki.” which was used very much in the election meetings in the past. In the festival, Ahmet Serttaş, Arif Sümbül, Neslihan Yılmaz, Ümran Özdemir, Yüksel – İbrahim Bilgenoğlu and Hayri Dev were on the stage. The musicians who entertained the citizens that filled up the wrestling square were given a big applause by the standing audience. Uşak İstiklal Jeered joined the festival at late hours and team coloured it up.

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