Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley)

23rd, 2012
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One of the most striking places in the Fethiye region is Butterfly Valley. On the 8th of February 1995, the site was declared a first degree natural protected area and any type of construction has been prohibited. The valley is rocky and pine covered and is a bit hard for climbing but it gives you an astonishing feeling to see millions of butterflies covering the trees and rocks like a soft colourful scarf. At first, you do not notice them at all and you think it is the natural look of the place. However, with one sound or movement the butterflies take off, covering the sky and casting a shadow over the valley.
By renting or using one of the shared boats that work like water taxis, you can go from Ölüdeniz to Butterfly Valley beach. This is also known as Kötürümsü Cove. In this half an hour’s trip, you can also stop at the Mavi Mağara (the Blue Cave). You can give yourself to the green and blue waters of the cave. There are two paths that lead you to Butterfly Valley and to the foot of the 2,000 metres high Babadağ. One of them goes through a waterfall and the other through the village of Faralya.
If you have no trekking or natural sports experience you should not try to climb to the higher parts of the valley and just be satisfied by getting to the first water fall. Those with self confidence and who cannot turn away from the extraordinary call of the valley should continue the trip up and will come across the stunning view we will now describe.But wearing professional trekking clothes or shoes and carrying professional equipments is highly advised.
The path that leads up to the village is really steep and there are couple of points where you need to climb up in the path. Do not take this if you don’t have mountaineering experience. However, the view from the village is really wonderful. Follow the signpost that says, “George’s House,” and you might get very nice village food with your ayran.
There are also accommodation facilities at the Butterfly Valley beach. You can set up a tent, rent a tent, or stay in makeshift bush and leaf covered wooden-shelters, or in wooen huts.
There is one restaurant set up on the beach in summertime. The owners will help you, showing the paths to follow.

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