Last duty for the paraglıder engıneer

20th, 2011
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Young mechanical engineer who died in a skydiving accident after falling from a height of 700 m. was buried in tears in Bursa. His wife and friends think this was gross negligence.
Caner Güler, working as a mechanical engineer for a factory in Bursa went to Fethiye with his wife for holiday. The couple wanted to paraglide, and they both jumped from 1900 m. take off. Soon after the take off with pilot Murat Sait Yeşilbaçar, he fell from his harness and died on the rocks 700 m. below.
His funeral was at noon in Bursa, where his wife, family, relatives and friends were present. His wife, still in shock, was hardly calmed down. She said “There were several madeup companies. I queried each. They told me they never met someone with so many questions. This is gross negligence. This is murder. I will sue them. I heard pilots saying to each other that harness wasn’t properly attached but there was nothing to worry about. I did not see my husband falling. I heard when we were back.”
Father Celal Güler did not speak to cameras, just said, “This is not an accident, but negligence. This kind of sports must be state-supervised.”
Caner’s friend Demir Aydemir, a member of the Mountaineering Federation said the negligence was incredible. This is murder. No pre-education or information. You jump in 5 minutes time. Another accident has happened 3 months ago, and an experienced pilot fell and died because he wasn’t securely fastened. If the procedures were followed and the importance of the belt told, everybody would have checked it several times and Caner would still have been alive.”
Caner Güler’s pilot was arrested on landing and taken away by Gendarmerie for questioning.It is claimed that Güler’s harness wasn’t properly attached, an official announcement about the accident is expected.

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