Man Living in a Boat Found Dead in the Sea in Fethiye

4th, 2016
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Hasan Uçar, 74, who was living in a fishing boat in Fethiye, found dead in the sea.

When workers started their shift at Boat Maintenance and Manufacture Centre in Karagözler Neighbourhood of Fethiye at about 09.00 a.m., they noticed a male body grabbing the ladders of a boat near the coast. The body was identified to be Hasan Uçar, who was staying in a fishing boat. He was taken out of the water by the shipyard workers and they covered his body. The police started examining the body and investigating the area. After the examination of the Chief Public Prosecutor, the body of Uçar was sent to Muğla Forensic Institute.

Shipyard workers explained that Uçar, who had divorced and was the father of 2 children, had been living in his own fishing boat for years. It is assumed that Uçar might have drunk alcohol and then fallen from the boat at night. Since his head was above water, the authorities consider the possibility that he might have died of hypothermia.


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