Melon size onion and child size watermelon

20th, 2011
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Each onion weighs a kilo while watermelons are between 15-25 kg.
The produce of infamous Karabağlar plain are several times bigger than normal surprising everyone seeing them.
Rahim Aldeniz has been planting tobacco for years, however, as he could not recover the money from tobacco he planted onions, melons and potatoes on his fields. Onions, melons and potatoes that were planted in spring were organic grown, and he has got watermelons weighing 15-25 kg, and onions weighing 750 gr-1 kg.
The farmer says he has not used any fertilizers and hormones. “I was growing tobacco before, but I could no longer make money out of it so I make my living by planting various vegetables. This year, seeds of onion I had bought from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture have grown several times bigger than normal. It only happened to me. Other farmer friends had normal size produce. Nobody but restaurant runners wants to buy them because they are too big to consume at home. The watermelons are between 15 kg and 25 kg. Since I have used no additives, I believe it is the soil.”

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