Mosquito Bite Causes Terminal Illness

8th, 2013
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2.5 year old Nehir Kaşlı who had contracted a terminal illness due to a mosquito bite has recovered after chemotherapy and antibiotics treatment in Mediterranean University Hospital. Little Nehir has been resting at home for awhile and her hair has started to grow again. Her family tries to take precautions against mosquitoes although it is winter. Nehir, the daughter of Mehmet and Kadriye Kaşlı who live in Karadere District, was taken to Fethiye State Hospital with the complaints of high fever and vomiting on September 2, 2012. After her treatment here, she was sent to the Mediterranean University Hospital and at the result of the tests, she was diagnosed rarely seen hemophagocytic syndrome (HLH) resulting in death unless she was cured. Doctors searched whether the illness was genetic or not and found out that the girl was infected by a mosquito. Nehir was treated with chemotherapy and antibiotics for 5 weeks and her blood values increased. She started to rest at home after she was discharged. 3 and a half months later, her hair that she had lost due to chemotherapy started to grow again as well.
After being recovered and regained her hair, Nehir smiles and plays games again. The family who has found out that their daughter got ill due to a mosquito bite is still worried. Although it is still winter, father Mehmet Kaşlı applies pesticides at home with two rooms regularly and said a very hard summer season waits for them. Kaşlı told about Nehir’s difficult treatment process taking more than 1 month at the hospital and said they would do as best as they could to keep mosquitoes away from their daughter. Kaşlı explained they were having a mosquito phobia now and added, “We have been applying pesticides at home regularly. We also keep checking inside. Our biggest concern is to see this kind of situation happening again.”
Kaşlı said there were no mosquitoes right now due to the cold weather, “What worries us actually is the hot summer days. We will have mosquito nets and apply more pesticides. But we also know that it is impossible to be protected from mosquitoes here. It is full of reeds around us. We don’t have an opportunity to take more precautions either. Even if the mosquitoes do not bite her in her sleep, they bite her while she is playing. Before she got sick, we used to see mosquito bites on her skin as well. There was redness on her skin. But we must be more careful now.”
The mother Kadriye Kaşlı explained they did not know about this illness before and had never heard such a thing either, “We have two other children at the ages of 7 and 1. Mosquitoes bit them too but they did not have this illness. We are worried all the time. What we fear most is the reappearing of mosquitoes in summer. Summer months will be nightmare for us.” (FG)

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