Movie becomes real

20th, 2011
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The villagers, robbed of their stock everyday, placed cameras to 10 points and to entry and exit of the village making the grocery store control center just as in TV series. Mukhtar Yusuf Kekilli said, “Robbers were taking one of our cows everyday. We were in deep thoughts to find a solution. Then, in a TV series, we saw that they put security cameras against stock theft, so we decided to collect money and put security cameras on 12 points in our village. No robbery since then.”
TV series Dürüye’nin Güğümleri (Dürüye’s Milk Cans), filmed in Muğla and telling the story of village life inspired the villagers of Adana to take measures against stock theft. Just like in the TV series, they placed cameras to some points with strategic importance, and they made the grocery store the control center.
The series filmed in the Akkaya village of Muğla are about funny and emotional lives of Aegean villagers, and broadcasted on a private TV channel. İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Emre Kınay, Uğur Çavuşoğlu andSelahattin Taşdöğen have the leading roles in the series, and they inspired the villagers in Adana to find a solution against stock theft.
People from the village of Sirkenli in Karataş, Adana were tired of the theft of cow and sheep from their stables. They tried methods such as guarding and patrolling the night away but none worked. While thinking what to do, Dürüye’nin Güğümleri came to the rescue. Watching that they have solved their problem bu security camers, Mukhtar Yusuf Kekilli decided to do the same. They collected money from the villagers to buy 12 security cameras for a totl of 5,150 TL. The cameras were placed, and the grocery store was made the control center. Since then, stock theft in the village is over.
Mukhtar Kekilli said “We tried everything to prevent robbery but we could not find a solution. Dürüyenin Güğümleri is one of our favorite TV series, and inspired us to find the real solution with security cameras. No theft since then, and the villagers are very happy.

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