Neglect brings death

25th, 2012
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Nurgül Büyükkınıklı who went to a villa for cleaning has died tragically. It is claimed that she was killed by an electrical shock. The neglect was revealed with the investigation done by the persecution office. The incident occurred in a duplex villa on the street number 971 in Akarca District around four p.m. Professedly, Nurgül Büyükkınıklı(21) who is unemployed and lives with her family went to the villa for cleaning to help a relative. After turning off the electrical fuse, she continued cleaning without her shoes on the wet floor. The young women who walked towards the entrance door, was claimed to be shocked with her touch to the steel door with her foot.
Not intervened medically for an hour
Büyükkınıklı whose heart stops due to the shock, fell on the floor and remained motionless. The residents who realized the incident rushed to her, she could not be intervened because the source of the electrical current was not detected. The teams of emergency ward and the attendants of AYDEM Distribution Company were called to the scene to cut off the electricity from the utility pole. After the electricity was cut off, medical intervention started. The woman was done heart message and carried to the ambulance and taken to Fethiye State Hospital. Despite all medical intervention, she could not be resuscitated and lost her life.
Vital neglect discovered after judicial inquiry
Broad judicial inquiry was started after the young girl’s death. The government attorney who investigated the teenage girl’s death, made a big scale investigation in the villa. While the reason for the electrical current was being investigated, the neglect was discovered in the digging made at the entrance of the building. In the inquiry, the electrical cable that went through entrance door into the building was not embedded deep enough but only camouflaged. Moreover, the cable was worn through by the screw that was used to in the installation of the door and the electric current had reached the door.
The delinquents should be punished
The father – Mustafa Büyükkınıklı- who buried her daughter in tears this morning, said that he will make a complaint about the delinquents, members of the instruction company. He said that such neglect cannot be ignored. He commented that “I have sent my daughter to one of our relatives’ house for a few days. They went to cleaning to this house with the reference of some acquaintances. Then we were told of her death. Although the electrical fuse was turned off, the electric current did not stop. I cannot understand how such a thing can happen. I have no problems with anybody but the ones who are guilty should be revealed and expiate. ”

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