NIF (ARPACIK) Cherry Festival

30th, 2012
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In the mountains behind Fethiye is a valley cooled by mountain breezes 900 feet above sea level. Crystal clear streams and rustling plane and walnut trees create a rural idyll. The altitude makes for a temperature that is usually 10 degrees lower than that on the sweltering coastal plain. Nestled within its forested slopes lies the village of Nif-Arpacık. The village is famous in the area for the quality of its cherries and its annual cherry festival.

The winters are colder and the rainfall higher than on the coast. This means that the climate provides an ideal location for the production of large, juicy cherries. Nif is one of several villages in the region where cherries are the economic mainstay. The season is short but plentiful and every year by the end of June, the villagers and many others from the surrounding area come together to celebrate this delicious fruit, the beauty of nature and the gift of trees. The village’s celebrations are enhanced by local cherries and simple, but tasty, village food which are put on sale. You can enjoy concerts including some popular Türkü (traditional Turkish folk music) singers. There is also a “cherry festival beauty” and a prize for the best cherries, as well as a chance to gorge on cherries. For foreigners this is a way to be introduced to the Turkish village lifestyle. Celebrating another good cherry harvest is very important for the villagers, and they are very happy and proud to share it.

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