Ölüdeniz Internatonal Air Games

30th, 2012
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Ölüdeniz is one of the foremost paragliding centers in the world, not just due to its breathtaking views, but also with the many opportunities for paragliders of all grades. In the last ten years the area became mecca for paragliders from all over the world. Paragliders from all nations come to Ölüdeniz for some of their best flights of life time- with turquoise blue waters, white stretch of beaches, several take off points at different heights and locations makes Oludeniz the ideal place for both novice and experienced pilots. Each year, around 40,000 para-gliders jump off here.

Ölüdeniz Internatonal Air Games takes place at the end of the tourism season each year. By picking those dates, festival organizers wants to extend the tourism season in Ölüdeniz during the month of October, which is the most suitable time for the festival. There are activities at the beach for people who don’t paraglide, and the atmosphere in Ölüdeniz becomes very festive. The four-day International festival kicks off in Fethiye with thousands of paragliders from several different countries that participate in the free flight from Babadağ to Ölüdeniz . Ölüdeniz Internatonal Air Games is the world’s second best festival, after France’s, and the event for everyone from spectators to hard core acrobatic pilots.  Also, beginner flyers are welcome as there is a great opportunity to meet all the air sports lovers, exchange opinions, and make friendships. Demonstrations of paragliding, skydiving, base-jumping, hangliding, para-motor flights, remote control plane shows, microlites, hard core acrobatic competitions, accuracy landing competitions, besides summer sun, beach and unbelievably turquoise sea are just in front of you. After the sunset the action does not stop; music, drinks, dancers and entertainment are until the crack of dawn. The games also offers an opportunity for some spectacular shots to be taken of the show taking place on and over the beach from the Ovacik to Faralya section of the Lycian Way.

The second largest festival of its kind in the world works closely with international journalists, and have websites, blogs and magazines to promote the festival each year, and the articles, videos and related materials are circulated world wide before, during and for a long time after the event. The event is getting more and more popular every year as it provides non stop action and fills the expectations of absolutely everyone.

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