Organs Of Brıtısh Woman Gave Lıfe To Turkısh Patıents

10th, 2012
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The liver of 59 year old Kathleen Patricia Kingston, British woman who passed away in Muğla due to a celebral hemmorage  was transplanted to Turkish patient Arif Kavas. Associate Prof. Dr. Murat Kılıç said that expats living in Turkey prefer Turkish patients in organ donations.

In 2009, 47 year old Arif Kavas was diagnosed with liver failure. His 2-year struggle for life ended with the British national Kathleen Patricia Kingston’nun donated organs. Her liver was tranplanted to Arif Kavas at Private Kent Hospital in Çiğli, İzmir. Previous transplantation attempts either from cadavers or live donors had failed. Kavas said “All my dreams were destroyed after all those unsuccessful attempts. My doctors called me telling that they found a suitable organ and they can do the operation.



Kavas said he felt eased as soon as the operation, and once he is discharged from the hospital, he plans to go to Fethiye to thank Kingston’s relatives. “I heard that the donor is a 59 year English woman who died in Fethiye. I will go and visit her relatives together with my family to thank for. People must be a little more sensitive about organ donation. You never know when you lose your health.”

Kavas said he was in hospital in New Year’s Eve in 2011. He will be in hospital again this New Year, but as a healthy person.


Dr. Murat Kılıç who participated in the transplantation team said that organ donation is growing, and foreigners prefer Turkish patients in their donations. He added that 75 percent of transplantations came from live donors and 25 percent from cadavers. “We know that foreign citizens live in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Getting along well with natives is an important factor in organ donations. Donation rate in them is good but bad for us, because their donation rate is higher than us. We had done several transplantations before from foreign donators. If donation rate is 2-3 in Turkey, it is almost 20 in Europe.


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