Paraglıder fell over sunbathers on the beach

19th, 2011
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The paraglider who fell over dozens of people sunbathing on the beach at Ören resort in Milas, Muğla has led to moments of fear.

Paragliding flights organized by business owner Vedat Okur at Ören Valerie lead to interesting scenes.

Experienced paragliding teacher Erol Uzun took off from Alatepe, Ören to take some photographs for the brochure to promote a new touristic facility . After a 20 minutes flight, Erol Uzun targeted the road in front of the hotel to land.  As he missed the target landing point, he fell flat over Sevil K.’s face sunbathing on the beach. Holiday maker Sevil K. (36) from Ankara  could not tell what it is and she reacted to Erol Uzun with a sudden reflex.

Sevil K. said she had taught she was attacked. “I went to beach for a swim and a sunbath at noon time because it is quieter. The parasol fell down and then I found out a man was lying on me. I was furious at first, but as soon as the shock is over I laughed a lot. We had a narrow escape from a major accident.”

Erol Uzun had minor injuries on his hands and knees after the amazing paragliding accient. He could not shake the shock off for a long time and he said “I just wanted to take some closer shots. Suddenly an adversehe wind blowing dragged me to the shore. I survived a dangerous situation with minor injuries.”

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