Paragliding Case Continues With Breaking News

5th, 2012
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The Public Prosecutor refused to grant bail to the paragliding pilot who is believed to have caused the death of 27 year old civil engineer Caner Güler. The experts’ report pointed out that the harness worn by the deceased was changed prior to his launch.

The pilot tried in custody, his lawyer Taner Aktop, wife Miray Beğendi Güler and father Celal Güler of the deceased and their lawyer Gürdeniz Meriç were present at the fifth appearance of the court. Experts’ report was read at the trial, and it was pointed out that the harness Caner Güler was wearing in the initial photographs was not the same with the harness he wore at his flight. The accused pilot said he remembered that the harness did not fit Güler and it was changed with another one, and he did not know photographs were taken.

The court refused to grant bail to the pilot once again and the case was adjourned to a later date.

Caner Güler’s wife said “There is very short time between the moment the photograph was taken and the launch. It is impossible to change the harness then. You can see it on the video. My husband was killed. It is obvious that the pilot is to blame.”

Their lawyer Gürdeniz Meriç said “We watch the scenario with tears in blood. The harness Caner wore during flight was changed. This is not acceptable. I wish they had confessed what they had done sincerely. The y asked for the experts’ report themselves and divine justice stepped in. The experts revealed the fact. The heaviest sentence will be for the benefit of our people and of our tourism.”


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