People stare at them

24th, 2012
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The three apartments that lean on each other by the sea shock the people that look at them. These three apartments that have three flats on the promenade of Fethiye attract attention. When the trees were cut in the town square, the inclination of the buildings on the promenade became more visible. The buildings that have the fish restaurants and the cafes the tourists go frequently on their ground floors are very scaring because of the landslide.
The buildings that leaned on each other more after the earthquake measured 6 on Richter Scale in the off-shore waters of The Blue Lagoon on June the 6th, barely stand erect. The cracks of the buildings that have 6 workplaces on their ground floors and 18 flats in total can only be seen behind the buildings.
The inclined appearance of the buildings shocks the tourists, too. Many people including the tourists and the residents of Fethiye take the photographs of the buildings every day. People joke about the buildings calling them “the pizza towers of Fethiye”.
The municipality of Fethiye detected that the buildings were dangerous for their surroundings in 2004
The Municipality of Fethiye noted that the buildings leaned on one side and they were not resistant to the earthquake. 8 years ago, an official letter that stated that the buildings were dangerous and some precautions ought to be taken was sent to the owners of the buildings. However, the owners have not acted despite the time that has passed.
After the earthquake that occurred on June 10th, the Declaratory Commission of Disaster and Emergency of Muğla (AFAD) made some examinations in the region. The commission reported that there were cracks on the walls of the buildings and they tended to collapse. AFAD is going to work extensively in the following days to measure how much the buildings were tilted and determine the other building that are in the same position.
Waiting for the urban transformation project
Sadi Çidem, the chief of the coordination centre of disaster works in the Municipality of Fethiye, said that they were waiting for the regulation of urban transformation and its related item. Çidem who states that the new regulation gives jurisdiction to the municipality, “Until now, the municipality did not have the legal power to demolish the buildings. However, in spite of this we have made the essential observations and warned the owners of the buildings about this matter. With the new regulation, we are authorized to take the necessary precautions. Even the tables, the chairs and the other furniture are inclined to one side in these buildings. The owners of the property have to demolish the buildings and the buildings are to be rebuilt.”

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