Pickled Red Cabbage (Mor Lahana Tursusu)

7th, 2012
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1 head red cabbage, finely chopped
1 cup vinegar (apple/grape)-optional
3-4 Tbsp salt
Purified Water
2 lt (40-50 oz) jar (preferably glass)

Take out the outer leaves of cabbage and wash. Place the chopped cabbage in a large bowl, sprinkle salt and mix them, squishing with your hands. Fill the glass/plastic container with cabbage tightly. Press from the top to fill as much as you can. Then add vinegar and fill it up with water. Place plastic wrap over the container and close the lid, make sure it is sealed well. To mix the salt and vinegar equally, shake the container for a while. Store it in a dark place. If the place is cold, the fermentation will take place in 3-4 weeks. If it is warm/ room temperature, then it will be ready to eat in 10-15 days.

By Hayriye Cetin Karaca ( www.turkishfoodandrecipes.com )

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