23rd, 2012
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After going 45 kilometres on the Fethiye-Eşen road, you turn right, leading you to the village of Minare (Minaret). The people of Minare, as well as pointing out the dusty path leading to the archaeological site of Pınara can also take you up to the ancient city by tractor.
Pınara, which meant “round” in the Lycian language, in some inscription is written as Pinale. The city was one of the important ones of the Lycian Union and had the right to three votes alongside the other major cities of Xanthos, Tlos, Patara, Myra and Olympus.
The city was renowned for its relations under the satrap Piksodaros and gets a mention in campaign of Alexander the Great in 334-333 BC. The high rock area in the western part must have been the first settlement. In the Roman era the village moved down to lower ground and was situated between the rocks and the hill sloping down. The theatre was built out of town to the north east of the settlement.

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