Police Special Operations Team Arrests Burglary Suspects

4th, 2016
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3 suspects were caught in the act of burglary by the special operations team of the police with stolen items.

Fethiye Police Department squad has organized a special operations team called “ambush team” with 10 police officers to prevent burglaries in Fethiye. When the thieves recognised the police cars with civil registration plates, the police started assigning a special team with special vehicles to catch them and waited in different locations of the district until the early morning hours. After 2 burglaries in Akarca and Taşyaka, suspects’ car was located by the “ambush team” of the police. The police surrounded the suspects on Adnan Menderes Boulevard. At this point, the burglars started running on foot while the police was following them on foot as well. After a chase of nearly 1 km, 3 suspects were arrested and taken to the police station.



One of the suspects using a fake ID of Hasan Şahin has actually been identified as Yıldırım A, who was a fugitive. Yıldırım A (47), Ahmet E (23) and Mehmet A (22), all the suspects of burglary, were arrested after the procedures in the police station.

In the car of the suspects, stolen things including a television, jewellery and collectible money and burglary materials such as gloves, crowbars and hammers were confiscated.


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