Protest to Privatization

22nd, 2012
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Theater actors and actresses who came to Fethiye to perform Kanlı Nigar (Bloody Nigar) had a debate on the privatization of the theaters. Famous actress perihan Savaş said “I have been to Fethiye in 1972-74 for the first time, the town had been changed a lot since then, but the worst is the destruction in Ölüdeniz. Sea is polluted, and the unspoiled beauty is gone.” Upon a question, she answered “Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a very unfortunate statement on the privatization of theaters. I am in this sector for 50 years. I believe he was drawn into this without enough information.”

Soner Arıca said that due to family problems he could not make a new album, and he was only busy with theater because of his personal traumas. He added that he had 5 songs ready, and by the end of the year he was planning to release a new album. In regard to the privatization of theaters he said “There will be some pain. All the system will be changed when the theaters are privatized. The audience will keep away from the saloons. The actors and the actresses feel more comfortable on the stage with the support of the government.” Young actor Umut Oğuz, famous with the TV serial Adanalı said “Theaters are not factories. How can you privatize this institution? These debates will last for a long time. It is difficult for me to understand this privatization thing.” Actor Ender Gülçiçek said that he never heard ant privatized theater on earth. “State and local governments have always supported the theaters. İstanbul Büyükşehirspor is a sport club belonging to İstanbul Municipality. Let them privatize it first.”

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