“Recycle and sustain”- a record from Fethiye Municipality

24th, 2012
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 The Municipality of Fethiye is carrying on its project of collecting waste material from all of its districts. Fethiye Environmental Protection and Control Directory which is in a hectic work to gather the waste material that can be recycled explained that they have collected 50% more waste material than last year. At the end of recycling works that have been going on in 15 districts of Fethiye, the Municipality explained that in July the amount of waste materials increased 70% when it is compared to last year. When the rest of seven months of 2012 are compared to last year’s, the increase was 50%. Selver Hatice Kabak, the coordinator of Environmental Protection and Control directory commented on this remarkable increase in the collection of waste material and said that “One of the environmental activities we carried on under the leadership of our mayor, Behçet Saatçi, is the collection of waste, that can be recycled, separate from the other waste that come from the houses, offices and other surroundings. We do not find only one reason behind this 50% increase in the waste in 2010. Many activities and arrangements have been made to raise the consciousness of recycling. Due to the increase of the interest in recycling and as the residents of Fethiye supported the project, the continuity in the service is obtained and the innovations are done.”
Informing, a big factor
The environmental engineer, Hatice Kabak, stated that the increase that was noted this year was a result of the information given to the public. She listed the activities done to raise consciousness: “Voluntary work of the university students such as knocking on the doors of the residents and distributing informative brochures, stickers, and magnets, and collecting the demands, wishes and complaints, attaching importance to the education, and giving presentations to raise consciousness among the school children, distributing environmental magazines, arrangement of some activities for the women on special occasions like mothers’ day and the women’s day such as kitchen aprons, beach bags etc. In addition to the activities done to raise consciousness, the regular coordination meetings held with the staff of recycling company to make the routine waste collection services more organized and the increase in the number of environmental bicycles are among the other factors. Of course, our most important gain is our investment in the future. The support of our residents in such projects makes us happy and hopeful. We thank our residents who play the most important role in such kind of work.”

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