Rehabilitation At Mut Creek Begins

13th, 2011
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Work has already started at Çalış Beach, one of the favorite holiday resorts in Fethiye. By 2012, rehabilitation of Mut Creek will be started.
The first stage is a beautification work around the creek with 6 thousand tons of stone. The rehabilitation will be carried out with the support of Muğla deputy Ali Boğa. Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association Chairman Mete Ay said the rehabilitation of the creek was his biggest dream and he was thankful to Ali Boğa and to all who support the rehabilitation. He said “We have been working hard for three weeks as the Association. We had a meeting with our Mayor about the things to be done at Çalış. We had the opportunity to express our demands during that meeting. We were informed about the projects for 2012 around Çalış area. We also had a meeting with FETAB. We will work on showers, changing cabins, watch towers, terraces, and the collection of stones on the beach for the next season. In a month, the rehabilitation of Mut creek will be started. The have bought 6 thousand tons of stone for the beautification of the creek. They will start from the upper part of the bridge by 2012. This was one of our biggest dreams. Çalış can not receive enough share of tourism. Hopefully, with the visual beauty of our region, there will be a nice change. We are very thankful to our deputy Ali Boğa with all his support in the rehabilitation of Mut creek. As a non-governmental organization, we do not interfere in politics. We have good relations with everyone. Most importantly, we should be able to forward the problems of our people to our state as well as
the local governments. I am thankful to our local managers for their interest in Çalış region. The rehabilitaton of the creek is very important to us. Hopefully, it will not be a rehabilitation work as in rural areas because Çalış is a tourism region. I am happy to give this good news to Fethiye people.”

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