Russıans pour ınto turkey vısa-free.

19th, 2011
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ıncrease ın the number of russıan tourısts ın muğla has brought shortages ın russıan speakıng guıdes

The increased interest of Russian tourists in Muğla has increased demand on the Russian speaking guides. On the lack of adequate Russian speaking guidance at this time, chambers and associations will focus ther attention in organizing Russian language courses in the coming winter season.

As the number of Russian tourists visiting Marmaris during first 7 months of this year has increased 38 percent with a total of  88 thousand tourists, and the number of Ukrainian tourists has reached to 43 thousand with a 24 percent increase, shortages in Russian speaking guides and staff have already emerged. TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) Chairman of the Executive Board of Marmaris İsmail Özbozdağ stated that shortage is growing in Russian speaking staff of hoteliers, operators, agencies and other business. He said “Since early 1990’s, British has ranked the first with 60-65 percent in profile of tourists coming to Marmaris.  The figure has shrunk in recent years, and the number of Russian tourists has shown a substantial increase as they have ranked 3rd in 2008. However, the figures changed again with 2011 season as Spain has started a major dumping campain in prices for European tourists. While there was an obvious decrease in the number of British coming to town, due to visa-free travel there was a significant increase in the number of tourists coming from Russia. Being the case, our business owners began to experience a shortage of Russian speaking staff.”


candıdates wıll apply to getob

Increase in the number of Russian tourists prompted GETOB (South Aegean Tourism Hoteliers and Managers Association) and they constituted a department which aims to gather Russian speaking staff and the business who needs this staff. GETOB Chairman İlhan Açıkgöz said “We are trying to get measures before the growth of shortage in Russian speaking staff even more. Job seekers and employers can apply to our association.”

focus on russıan language courses

Şükrü Ayyıldız President of Chamber of Marmaris Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers of Muğla  said that they would focus ther attention in organizing Russian language courses in the coming winter season. “Marmaris was a holiday resort especially for German and British tourists for many years. Since the beginning of visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey, the number of Russian tourists have increased along with the shortage in Russian speaking guides. We will focus on Russian in our language courses this winter.”

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