Saklıkent (the Hidden City)

23rd, 2012
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If one day you get tired of the heat of Fethiye and want to do something different, go to a very narrow and high canyon that cannot get the sunlight and walk through ice cold water. Go to Saklıkent.
Take the Fethiye-Antalya road towards Kemer. After driving for 25 kilometres take the turn to Saklıkent and, once past the sign for Tlos, drive another 10 kilometres to Saklıkent. On the way to Saklıkent you will see lots of restaurants on both sides of the road where you can get a gözleme and ayran
After you get to the village of Kayadibi you leave your car at the canyon entrance and pay your entrance fee. The Eşen Stream bursts forth 100 metres inside the canyon.
It flows so crazily in summer and winter that it makes it almost impossible to progress against the current. You walk on the wooden footpath attached to the canyon walls. You form a one person line and go to the location where the stream erupts. When you watch the picturesque view of the furiously and loudly flowing stream you can enjoy a gözleme ayran or a trout dish in the restaurant.
If you wish to do so, you can cross the freezing water and progress towards the deeper part of the canyon. Do not neglect to get a pair of cloth or plastic shoes. However, if you do not have them tourism is at your service, you can buy or rent them in the “Plastic Shoes Sales Shop” at the entrance of the canyon. The canyon is quite long, with the path at times being rough. If you try to walk it all, the joy may turn into a burden. It is best to go for a few hundred metres and return after that.
However, if you rely on yourself, on your return, throw yourself into the cold waters of the canyon and instead of using the walkway let the current carry you to the end of the canyon.

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