Sellers Caught Redhanded for selling food open at producer market in Fethiye

8th, 2013
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Foodstuffs including yoghurt, butter, cheese and chicken which are claimed not to be hygienical and sold open at the producer market every Friday in Fethiye have been collected one by one under the counters and destroyed. Fethiye Municipality Police Force and Fethiye Chamber of Agriculture teams inspected the producer market where producers from villages nearby sell their products every Friday and collected foodstuffs including yoghurt, butter, cheese and chicken which are prohibited to be sold under the counters. Teams checked under the counters and inside the cans one by one at the producer market where more than 500 producers sell their products. During these inspections performed in front of producers and citizens, a large number of chicken cut, cleaned and wrapped in nylons, yoghurt in cans, butter in packages and cheese have been retained. It was stated that producers had been warned not to sell these foodstuffs without permission within the last weeks. The police authorities said, “We had warned producers not to sell foodstuff which is unhealthy. Most of these foodstuffs are chicken, yoghurt, cheese and butter. We have retained the foodstuffs sold under counters despite our warnings. When we said we would destroy them, some producers asked what they should have done instead of selling them as villagers.” (iha)

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