Positive Training

6th, 2012
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Hello, dear Sun Express readers. I am Erol AKYILDIZ, Positive Dog Trainer. I’ll be with you with Positive Training Corner from now onward. On our Positive Training Corner I will share with you my experiences and scientific issues such as dog training, dog behavior problems, dog body language, socialization, dog aggression (aggression) and stress. In my first article I would like to introduce you Positive Training.

Let’s get to know positive training first…

Methods used in positive training are purely scientific, modern and, animal-friendly. They are violence-free and does not include psychological or physical punishment under no circumstances. Therefore, a great sense of confidence is developed between the dog owner or dog trainer.  Training is fun for the dog, he learns willingly, not forced. In positive training, the the approach is to ‘ignore the mistakes’ and to ‘capture and consolidate the rights’. So, creativity in the dog is developed. He  starts to learn and to think. The training is fun for the owner, too, if he knows his dog is never hurt.

The dog and the owner participate together in all stages of training. There is absolutely no ‘get the dog, train and give back’ in positive training because a dog is a livng personality, not a computer to be programmed and given back. Dog trainer spends only a short time, but the owner will share a life time with him. Therefore, it is the owner of the dog who should be educated and raise awareness. In positive training, the owner of the dog shares all the training process with the dog and the professional trainer. The owner learns the ‘methods’ while the dog learns ‘how to learn’ and that’s why the training never ends. A willing dog owner may continue to teach him something new for a life time by using the skills learned in the system, in line with the dog.

The best results are taken when the dog is very young and did learn nothing wrong. Positive training can be applied to dogs of all ages and, all races. In short, I try to emphasize that any dog owner with conscious who can study these differences and characteristics can see what he can achieve with ‘positive training’ and would like to try these methods on his dog at least once. As a ‘positive dog trainer’ I give training consultancy services and 2 preliminary interviews for the dog owners who calls me for an appointment in order to inform all dog owners about the positive training, to meet the dogs and their owners personally to answer their questions better and by applying some simple methods in our first meeting to provide a visual result of this training, whether or not my client. After this appointment, to continue in training or not is completely your choice. But even in this initial visit, which lasts only an hour or so, make sure that it will be easier to find the mistakes that cause problems and reach a solution.

I will keep writing in Sun Express on positive training and positive thinking and answering your questions, and above all, I will continue to prepare you to share more enjoyable moments with your dogs. Until to the next article, I wish you cheerful days with your charming and loyal friends.

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