Standard time begins on october 30

17th, 2011
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Turkey reverts to standard time on the last sunday of october. Daylight saving time had started on march 28, 01:00 a.m. Gmt for the winter offsets energy saving benefits of dst. It is put into practice by council of ministers and in accordance with this standard time will begin on october 30 at 04:00 gmt. Some sources in the ministry of energy claim that the pracitce initiates annual 600 million kilowatt hours of electricity-saving while some other sources suggest that meterings are estimated and do not reflect the fact. The final decision of the council of ministers of daylight saving time was taken in march 2011. On the other hand, the “continuous forward-hour” project by ministry of energy and natural resources for more utilization of daylight is waiting for the decision at grand national assembly of turkey.

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