State of tensıon ın hes protest

23rd, 2011
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Protests against HES (hydroelectric power plant) in Yanıklar and Kargı villages continue increasingly. Proposed damming on Kargı river was protested with slogans and banners on the construction area, and there were moments of tension between the officials and the activist group. Gendarmerie stepped in to end the actions of environmentalists and the villagers.

The company has already started to cut the trees preparatory to building despite the fact that there is no final decision on the matter. Local activists marched down to the central office of the company with Turkey flags and with banners reading “Water Is Life. Cannot Be Sold” or “Don’t Do It, We Will Destroy It”. After the marching for about a kilometer, the group arrived to the central office and there was discussion between the activists and the workers at the office. The activist group warned the officials to leave the area. Both parties were calmed down by the citizens, and no fight blowed up, yet, flags with company logo were hauled down. The company officials called Gendarmerie to prevent any predicament. After efforts to convince them, the environmentalists calmed down by the statements made by village mukhtars. Mukhtar of Kargı village Rüstem Koyuncu and mukhtar of Yanıklar village Mithat Sarı made declarations and both told local press that protests will continue.

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