Stolen 40,000TLs

24th, 2012
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Having stolen 40,000TLs that belong to a bank office in Fethiye, three people have disappeared.
A team of two people went to place 40,000TLs into the ATM of a bank office. Three people that stole 40,000TLs from the car of the bank team disappeared. According to the claims, the security member of a bank and one of the officers who is in charge left the bank office with 80,000TLs that was going to be placed into two ATMs. They came to the parking lot of the directory of Forest Management Building in Fethiye by car with the plate number of 06 BT 8341. They placed 40,000TLs into the ATM in the Köprübaşı District. When they went back to the car they saw that one of the front tires of the car is flat. They started to change the tire after they put the bag in containing 40,000TLs into the car. When they changed the tire they wanted to move towards the other ATM. However they could not see the bag where they put.
Security cameras examined
The bank team called the police for help. All the teams of Fethiye Police Headquarters were alarmed. According to the information the workers of the bank gave, the security cameras were examined. It was revealed that according to the plan of three thieves 40,000TLs were stolen. It was observed in the records of security camera that two people waited on different corners of the street. One of them approached to the car and opened the back right door. After he took the bag, he went away behind the building. The teams of public security stated that according to the security camera, the first person had dark complexion and a green t-shirt and he was 19 or 20 years old. The second person was brunet, too. He had black hair and he was 25 years old and 1.75 cms tall. His hair was combed backwards and he was wearing white printed t-shirt. The third person was stated to be about 1.60cms tall and at about his thirties. He had stubble and was brunet. The investigation has started. The teams of scene examination and investigation took fingerprints from the car. We were informed that very clear fingerprints were found. The police are checking the arrivals and departures from Fethiye and the investigation is continuing.

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