Suggestion to Open Schools After the Greater Eid to Enliven Tourism

5th, 2015
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Fethiye, Bodrum and Marmaris Mayors suggested schools to be opened after the Greater Eid for boosting tourism which has been affected by terrorism and political unrest badly.

Mayors of İzmir supported the suggestion of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum Mayors for the opening of schools on September 28 instead of September 14 to enliven tourism. Mayors showed their support to the suggestion, “Open the schools later, Help tourism boost.”



The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) submitted the suggestion of mayors to open schools later than the Greater Eid, on September 28 instead of September 17, to the Ministry of National Education. Rıza Gençay, Chairman of TURSAB İzmir Regional Board, stated that they supported the suggestion and said, “Tourism is currently in a terrible situation. So it will be a solution for next month.”



TÜRSAB Chairman Advisor Davut Günaydın stressed that the meetings with the Ministry of National Education to open schools after the Greater Eid carried on, “We are in a bad season for tourism. There is an increasing demand from Iran, Germany and the countries of the Middle East, yet there is a dramatic decrease on cumulative base. Opening the schools after Bayram will enliven domestic tourism. Our meetings with the ministry carry on.”



Mayors of other districts said holiday and tourism season would not be interrupted if schools were opened after Bayram. Çeşme Mayor Muhittin Dalgıç, a member of CHP (The Republican People’s Party), supported the suggestion and said, “We have no problems in Çeşme but the political uncertainty and terrorism have heavily affected the economy, so has the domestic tourism. When the schools are opened later, tourism season will continue and managements and stores will pull themselves together. As the Association of Coastal Aegean Municipalities, we have published a notice and made our suggestion to the Ministry of National Education. We hope it will be accepted.”

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