Summer Care For Your Dogs

16th, 2012
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Hello dear readers, we have already left the cold winter days behind and summer is around the corner. I will share with you what we should do to provide our furry friends a comfortable and joyous summer. As the weather heats up, fleas, ticks and small insects become active in nature. These external parasites can cause serious diseases and harms to your dog. Dogs will shed their long and thick hair in spring, replacing them with shorter and thinner hair. During this period, you can help your dog by brushing thoroughly and consistently with a wire or “rake” type brush.  Keeping your pet well groomed will help the hair do what it was designed to do: protect the dog from the sun and insulate from the heat.

Dogs are not very resistant to heat, and summer is more difficult for the dogs with long and thick hair. Walking your dog early in the morning or evening is better ​​in hot weather. If you have to go out with your dog at noon when the sun rays are steeper, always keep fresh water with you for your dear friend and give a rest to buddy every 20 minutes. As the dogs paws touch directly to the ground, hot asphalt can cause burns at your dog’s paws and in various parts of the body. If you prefer to cool your friend in the pool or at sea during summer months,  make sure you towel your dog thoroughly after their pool or sea bath. Humidity interferes with animals’ ability to rid themselves of excess body heat. When we overheat we sweat, and when the sweat dries it takes excess heat with it. Our four-legged friends only perspire around their paws, which is not enough to cool the body.  Especially elderly, very young, and ill animals have a hard time regulating their body temperature, so make sure they stay cool and out of the sun on steamy summer days. Leaving dog in the car for a long time in hot weather, hot and humid environment and excessive exercise and walks can result in heat stroke. It is possible that your friend cannot deal with the heat and feel stressed due to excessive heat, thirst, hunger, tugging the leash to walk the dog, too much exercise and walks in hot weather, or being constantly disturbed. Do not have high expectations from your dog in very hot days. If you feel that your friend is stressed, the best thing you can do is to better its environmental conditions, to eliminate the sources of stress, and trying to understand your four legged friend. And please do not forget the strays in long, hot summer days and provide a bowl of fresh water for them, too. I wish you all, happy and healthy days with your furry friends.

Erol AKYILDIZ, Positive Dog Trainer

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