support to gerze and tortum from the platform for saving saklikent

26th, 2011
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The Platform for Saving Saklıkent supported the local people at Sinop-Gerze and Erzurum-Tortum who faced with the intervention of security forces recently.
The press release took place in front of the Fethiye Municipality Cultural Center and the members pointed out that they are against HES; hydroelectric power plants, and they carried banners that read: “Gerze and Bağbaş people are not alone.” And “Do not touch my valley, and my water, and my soil.”
Uğur Çaçaron, speaker of the Platform for Saving Saklıkent said “Security forces clashed with local people who are against hydro electric power plants in Erzurum-Tortum and against thermo electric power plants in Sinop-Gerze, and the protestors met with violence. Police the gendarmerie used pepper spray on the peasants, opened fire with rubber bullets, and jet high-pressure water. There were injuries. A large number of villagers were detained. Both the local people wanted to do was to claim their rights on their own land and to live in a clean environment. What could be more natural?”
“Today, we came together to give our support to the people fighting for their water, for their soil and for their labor, and to remind the governors their origins; they seem to be unaware that the chairs they sit are just temporary and keep torturing the locals.. Our governors are attacking their own people’s rights. They should remember that they are sons of this land. One day, they will be unseated and will have to live among the people they attack now. We support people of Gerze and Tortum by all means and we send our sincere regards to all our people fighting for survival.”

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