Tango Attracts More Attention Day by Day in Fethiye

28th, 2013
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“Angels of Fethiye” that gives courses in gymnastics, ballet, theatre, drama, Pilates, aerobics, belly dance, instruments and several dance styles has started giving Argentina Tango course. The opening lesson and show of the tango course given by the tango master Burhan Ata took place on Saturday. The Argentina Tango master Burhan Ata said, “We teach Argentina Tango to people here. It is our first lesson and show today. First, we tell how Argentina tango came to our country. We give tango lessons to make people feel active, healthy and happy as a hobby and make new friends.”

“Everyone Who Can Walk Can Learn Tango Dance As Well“
The tango master Burhan Ata answered the questions of our journalist: “A person who doesn’t know the tango dance can learn it with his own talents at least in a month. As I said, it is up to your talent. A person can learn it in 3 or 6 months. Everyone who can walk can also learn how to dance tango. We organize Milango nights. People can express themselves, have fun and show their techniques on these nights. In order to show and express yourself on these nights, you need to have taken tango lessons almost for 6 months. Yet, if you are very talented, you can go on stage after 3 month lessons. It is completely up to your talent. People who have taken dance lessons and love dancing can learn quicker. Our lessons take place two days a week on Fridays and Sundays.”(FG)

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