Teacher Dying at Rafting Buried

14th, 2015
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Harun Kan (38), math teacher having drowned when the boat capsized while he was doing rafting with his friends in Dalaman Stream, was buried in tears.

After the autopsy at Muğla Forensic Institution, the body of Harun Kan was taken to his family home. He was first brought to his family home in Köyceğiz. After the prayers, he was buried in tears in Zeytinalanı Cemetery in Köyceğiz where the family grave is situated.

Köyceğiz District Governor Gürkan Demirkale, Mayor Kamil Ceylan, Gendarme Major Evren Kaplan, his students, Fethiye National Education Manager, teacher friends and colleagues and other local people attended the ceremony.



His friend Mutlu Kaplan explained that they went to a rafting activity with 17 people and said, “It started at 12.00. We were on 3 boats. There were 6 people and a guide on each boat. We were on the first boat. We moved forward and stopped some time later. The boat of my friend Harun was coming just behind us. When we turned around, the boat was moving upside down. Friends on the other boats and teachers on the boat behind jumped into the water and rescued our friends falling to the water. They counted everyone. When we noticed someone was missing, guides searched for the missing person. They found Harun stuck between the rocks not very far from our boats and took him out quickly. Our guides gave the first medical treatment. We called the emergency service 112. Guides took Harun to the nearest boat and the 112 emergency ambulance waiting at the nearest spot tried to rescue him for almost an hour. Then he was taken to Dalaman State hospital by an ambulance. When we arrived in hospital, we heard the terrible news. He had died. We were devastated.”


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