The arena was not large enough for the bulls

20th, 2011
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The bull which escaped his rival during a bull fight in Yerkesik, Muğla damaged vehicles outside the arena and injured some citizens.
Traditional bull fights have been arranged for the 27th time in Yerkesik, Muğla and bulls who escaped from the arena rushed into the audience.

Vehicles and motorcycles belonging to the audience was damaged by bulls while the citizens were startled with the danger of being crushed under the bulls.
This year many bulls from various cities of the Aegean joined the traditional bullfights held each year by Yerkesik Culture and Cooperation Association in Yerkesik, Muğla. About 7 thousand people watched the fights of 180 bulls. The fights were enjoyable and challenging but bulls escaping their rivals from time to time rushed into the audience. Despite extensive security measures, bulls could escape the arena from time to time. Especially two bulls have led to difficult moments because gendarme in charge of ensuring safety in the arena ran away together with the audience. The arena was left in mess, and the bulls were warded off by their owners.

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