The assessment of the damage after the earthquake

25th, 2012
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The works of damage assessment started after the earthquake, the epicentre of which is offshore waters of the Blue Lagoon, with a magnitude of 6, 0 according to the Richter scale. The aftershocks are still continuing. Mehmet Ali Karatekeli, the district governor of the town, warned the residents. He said that an atmosphere of panic would be for nobody’s benefit as it is the high season in Tourism. New scene of the earthquake is still being discovered. The residents spent the night on the streets because of the earthquake and the aftershocks. In the morning hours, life returned to normal. In the town, the assessment of the damage has started but the assessment will be completed only after the damaged buildings are detected totally. Although there are not any casualties in the town, people referred to the hospitals for different complaints. Ninety two of the injured people were discharged after outpatient treatment and the treatments of three people are still going on. The people under observation in the hospitals do not have any life-threatening injuries.
An atmosphere of panic for nobody’s advantage
The district governor of Fethiye, Mehmet Ali Karatekeli, has warned the residents against panicking. Karatekeli, who stated that the rumours of an earthquake with a bigger magnitude do not reflect the truth, an atmosphere of panic at the beginning of the tourism season will not be for the advantage of anybody. The district governor said that the people who have damages in their buildings can inform the district governorate by phone and added that “In our town, there are not any big scale damages in the buildings. Research and rescue teams of the prime ministry, The Red Recant and Provincial Disaster were sent as a precaution. We want the citizens who have damages in their buildings to apply to the district governorate. All the applications will be evaluated by the commission we have formed in their spots. However, little cracks of stucco should not lead our residents to panic. Creating an atmosphere of panic before high season in tourism does not help anybody. The foreshock before the earthquake, which stroke in 1957 and caused big destruction, lead our residents to the idea that the same thing will happen again. However, such a case is not in question. Fethiye is a central holiday resort. Such suspicions and rumours can be very harmful for us.”
The moments of earthquake on the camera
While life is returning to its usual routine, new sights of earthquake are coming to surface. The panic the residents experienced is reflected in the sights. In the sights of the earthquake the residents rush out from the buildings they are in.
Thought nothing of his life and saved his dog
An interesting sight came from Melek Aparthotel in Çalış district of Fethiye. Twenty-two-year-old hotel manager Samet Ağartan who felt the earthquake rushed out. However, he realized that his golden breed dog, called “smoke”, is in. Ağartan who went inside at the strongest moment of the shock, got his dog out of the building after he warns the hotel customers. The magnitude of the shake could be seen in the cameras with the movements of the cars that came away from their places.

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