The barbwires harm the animals

24th, 2012
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The street cats are in bloods because of the barbwire the English people have on the walls of their villas and houses as a precaution against the probable thefts. Gül Turan, the representative of the animals’ rights federation (HAYTAP) commented that “the right of living of street cats and the house cats are restricted because of the barbwires the residents, foreigners particularly, have on their walls. The barbwires fit the borders not the houses.” Fatih Sağlık, who lives in Ovacık district of Fethiye, the clerk of information assessment told that many English people bought and settled down in the district two years ago. As they had barbwires on the walls many street cats are injured. Sağlık mentioned that he took one of the injured cats to the vet to cure him. The representative of HAYTAP, Gül Turan, claimed that the right of living is taken away from the cats as they are trapped and hurt because of the barbwires. He told that he applied to Fethiye Governorship and the Municipality of Ölüdeniz to make the barbwires removed from the walls. As the houses are private properties, the authorities cannot make anything. Turan commented that “In fact, English people like animals. I think they are not aware of this incident and they do this to take precautions against thieves. Actually, the barbwires fit the borders.” .(iha)

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