The beaches left to the tourists

7th, 2012
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With the beginning of Ramadan, Ölüdeniz which is cleared off from domestic tourists has become almost a ghost town despite its best-known beach.

The beaches are left to the foreign tourists. The mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yılmaz, has explained that half of the domestic tourists have left the town. As Ramadan started in the middle of tourism season, the domestic tourists have ended their holidays. On the first days of Ramadan, there has been a remarkable decrease in the number of domestic tourists that had reached 80% in July. Despite the temperature of almost 45 degrees, the beaches and the streets of Ölüdeniz have been abandoned. The beaches that have been abandoned by the domestic tourists are left to the foreigners.

The mayor of Ölüdeniz, Keramettin Yılmaz, noted that with the beginning of Ramadan, half of the tourists in the town have already left the town. Yılmaz who told that in the first days of July, Ölüdeniz accommodated the highest number of the tourists in the last few years, and stated that they believe they are going to reach the same level of fullness towards the end of Ramadan.

The decrease in the first two days of Ramadan has attracted the attention of the shop owners in the district. They think that this decrease is going to affect them in a negative way. They told that “there were a remarkable number of tourists. But today there is a sharp cut. Domestic tourists have either returned to their hometowns or cooler places. On the first day of Ramadan, our beaches are left to the tourists.”

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