The Best Address of Pastries in Fethiye

24th, 2012
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Hüner Pide brings a ground-breaking approach to pitta and kebab in Fethiye with decoration, presentation and service principles.
Hüner is best known with pastry. Hüner Group’s owner Aydoğan Yüksel is of course is responsible for its secret. Mr.Aydoğan opened Hüner Stone Oven four years ago. He is the virtuoso of pastry. The administrator Koray Başdüzen says Aydoğan can understand how the pastry is from its smell when he enters the bakery.
I asked Mr.Koray what makes Hüner Pide different than the other pitta and kebab administrations. “The pastry of course,” he answered. “He has already proven himself with Hüner Stone Oven. He is number one for pastry and bread in Fethiye. It is also the only bakery that does not give bread to groceries and markets, which makes Hüner special. People who want to eat the bread of Hüner come here and buy it.”
Hüner Pide brings a ground-breaking approach to pitta and kebab in Fethiye with decoration, presentation and service principles. The surprisingly modern decoration for a pitta restaurant makes a person to be inside the place when it is looked from the outside. When you enter the place and sit here for a while, you feel surprised again because as you may appreciate, whether because of the initial material or not, the administrations that offer pitta and kebab have a difficult job since meat and pastry products are hard to digest-, it is always a big shot. Or at least this is my impression. No, on the contrary, it is not like that in Hüner Pide. Decoration renovated with modern lines draws attention as well as the staff. All the staff is friendly, energetic, sincere and give service with the same hospitable respect. Believe me, it is very heart-warming. As we are mentioning the service team, we should also add that the pitta maker was brought from the Black Sea, kebab chef was brought from Adana and the master chef came from İstanbul. So everything is in the hands of experts. Surely, the administrator Koray should be mentioned in the first place. Perfect combination!
Hygiene always comes first in Hüner Pide. You cannot find anyone working in the kitchen without gloves and bonnets. The toilets are spotless and hygienic products are used. All presentation materials have carefully been chosen.
The menu is very rich. I strongly suggest you to try the breakfast dish, soups-especially trip and stripe soups-. Thirty types of pitta, the food cooked in the burn, food baked in pan, delicious buttermilk and of course drinks and desserts.
The differences of Hüner Pide are not only these. You cannot find any other place to think hard and care about children in Fethiye. The playground involving all game units is the kind that will make you happy. The wide parking lot is a great comfort for the people who come with their cars. In short, the captain of this ship is Aydoğan Yüksel and he is very good at this. We give him our best regards.

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