The body was found off the clıff

23rd, 2011
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The body of a person sought to be lost for two days was found at the foot of a cliff with the car in Fethiye. A business owner in Fethiye, 53 year old Ahmet Sabancı was missing for 2 days and were saught by his relatives.

Ahmet Sabancı left home with his car and could not be heard since then. Their relatives started searching for him and his brother in law Adem K. noticed a car off the cliff on the road to Üzümlü. He wanted to have a closer look to the wrecked car to find out it belonged to his brother in law. He immediately called the police and the gendarmerie. The gendarme arrived at the scene and went down to car the at the foot of the cliff. A body was found next to the car, and it belonged to missing Ahmet Sabancı. The investigation revealed that Ahmet sabancı lost the control of the steering wheel and rolled down off the cliff from the road with no barriers. Removal of the corpse off the cliff was very difficult because of the steep slope. The car  could be removed from the the bottom of hundred-meter cliff with the help of a crane.

The body was taken to Fethiye State Hospital morgue.

Adem K. told to the press “Ahmet sabancı was my brother in law. We have been searching for him for two days. I came here early in the morning and while looking down the cliffs I noticed the car. We found out later that t belonged to my brother in law. They should put barriers on this road as soon as possible so no other people gets hurt.”

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