The Boutique road turns into Texas

7th, 2012
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The groups that are claimed to weigh people on the streets with their weighbridges and try to earn their lives in that way had a fight in Fethiye. In the road that cost one million TLs and was designed as a sample for boutique city, there are fights every day. It is claimed that the underlying reason of the fights is the rant of the boys who weigh people with their weighbridges on the streets. Fethiye where many people migrate every day has problems of safety due to population growth. In Fethiye, where the police teams work devotedly, the first problem is the insufficient number of the police officers. More officers need to be employed in the police headquarters as their field of duty has been enlarged. It is claimed that the teenagers that disjointed and threw the pavement stones to each other were unable to share the road. They said that “we won’t see you here on this road again. Everybody will be in their own district.” The fight of the teenagers at the age of 8-19 reveals the economic and the unemployment problems. Nevertheless, while many companies complain that they cannot find the workers they need, many other people complain about unemployment.

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