The Fate of Hydra

14th, 2011
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Part two: Herakles: Zevs was not altogether pleased with the developments and Hera was furious again for the old – but anothers – reason. In one of his escapades with an elf Zevs had sired an offspring, Herakles, who had inherited his roving eye. Having no status in heaven, Herakles had only his masculinity to depend on. And these escapades had set fire to Hera’s wrath. Zevs on his part believed that once Herakles got tired of sowing wild oats, he would settle down like everybody else. He summoned him and said that his pursuits unfortunately had not gone unnoticed in certain quarters, but if he was willing to take on an assignment and in addition ” grow up ”, there would be a place for him at the lowest end of the heavenly banquet-hall. The assignment was to eliminate the thread which Hydra presented, whichever way he chose fit. Thus Zevs thought, whatever the outcome; one problem solved.

Herakles of course was overjoyed with the honor to be bestowed upon him and promised anything, and then some more. He got himself ready and proceeded to where Hydra was. Zevs sent me, he told her, and before she could sense any danger, he had killed her. He chopped her up, slung all the pieces over his back and brought them back to Zevs as proof of that he had fulfilled his assignment. And he was duly rewarded.

Zevs, as soon as the ” wall ” had come down, discovered that his was not the only Kingdom of Gods about: to the far north Odin had erected his Valhalla and yonder west Manitoo was straddling the clouds, to mention only some of them. And in due course Zevs made contact with them all, established good relationships with all and everyone, and as a token of his goodwill he sent the ambassadors home with a piece of Hydra.

Now this story could end on a happy note, had it not been for Herakles. He who has much, wants more, and his roving years were far from over. But when he
was reported to have cast his eyes on Afrodite and Penelope, this even was to much for Zevs. He commanded Hercules to leave the heavens once and for all. But somehow he felt sorry for the lad, who should now be living in the nothingness, so out of his good heart he gave him the remaining pieces of Hydra, but closed the gates of heaven to him.

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