The first flight to Bodrum

7th, 2012
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The plane taxi that started to work in Turkey for the first time made its first flight to Yalıkavak town of Bodrum, Muğla.
In bodrum a private company started plane taxi services. The plane taxi that landed to the Tilkicik bay of Yalıkavak, Bodrum, transported its seventeen passengers from Alaçatı to Bodrum in 45 minutes. The taxi that made its first flight was welcomed with the head of Ali Şen and the mayor of Yalıkavak, Mustafa Saruhan.
The owner of the company, Kürşat Arusan, stated that they started their flights from Alaçatı to Bodrum and commented that “we started our flights from Haliç. We flew to Alaçatı first. Next, we started the flights to Bozcaada. Now we connect Bodrum and Alacatı to each other. The passengers from İstanbul can change in Alaçatı and arrive in Bodrum. Our next plane is going to start to work very soon and we are going to have flights to several regions. We take small steps this summer. For now, we have flights from Haliç to Alaçatı, from Haliç to Bozcaada and from Alaçatı to Bodrum and they are going to continue till September.”
Arusan stated that they are going to direct the plane taxi to skiing centres. “We have surprises for the winter season. We are going bind sleds to our planes and to fly to skiing centres.”

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