The hatchlings of carettas, coming from their nests

24th, 2012
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Carettacarettaa are coming out of their nests on the renowned beach of İztuzu in Dalyan. More than 500 little carettas have come out from 20 nests out of 270 nests in total and reached the sea. On one of the top ten beaches of the world, İztuzu, the hatchlings have been hatching, coming out of their nests and heading towards the sea since May. The hatchlings are 40 grams and 40mms on average. After a period of 55-60 days of brooding period, on the first days more than 500 hatchlings out of 20 nests have come out and reached the sea.
The head of Dalyan-İztuzu Research, Protection and Rehabilitation Centres of Sea Turtles (DEKAMER) and the tutor of Biology Department in the Faculty of Science and Letters, Pamukkale University, Associate Professor Yakup Kaska said that “The first babies are male and this is very pleasing for the continuity of the population.”
Kaska told that the first babies were male and this was very pleasing for the continuity of the population; “If the temperature of the weather and the sand were high as it was last year, the babies would be female as they were last year. The movement of the reproduction cells of the babies that develop in the eggs change according to the temperature of the environment. If the temperature of the sand is about 26 degrees, the reproduction cells head towards the reproductive glands and male babies develop. If the temperature is above 30 degrees, the cells head towards the ovary and the female babies develop. The babies are going to hatch till the end of September.”

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